Why I Am Not Doing PostADay

PostADay is exactly what it sounds like: you post something every day. While this is a great idea, I feel like I’ve already had this experience, having blogged through the entire months of June and December 2010 (minus 1 day). In May/June/July last year, I posted for 42 days in a row. Granted, 365 is a lot more than 42. But for me, this project would be unexciting. Oh—and, I just spent December writing posts on topics chosen by others, which is the same kind of thing.

Now, I looked through some of the PostADay prompts and found them to be quite fascinating even though it is only Day 4 of the year! So I decided I will do PostADay’s occasionally.

Anyways, I still have not decided on a blogging philosophy for 2011; I think I’ll go without one.