Cornell: First Weeks of Semester 2 [Photos]

It has been a good first two weeks back on the snowy hill. I selected some photos to share here.

1. After just stepping outside the east door of Mews Hall.

2. A frozen Beebe Lake and waterfall, shot from the footbridge.

3. A generic-looking lecture hall. The room is Goldwin Smith 132, where my Econ 3020 class is located.

4. An “I ♥ IB” sticker on a post in the southeast corner of the Arts Quad. Funny because I thought it meant International Baccalaureate at first.

5. A closeup of the sticker reveals its true identity.

6. A nice-looking (and postmodern) clock in Alice Cook 106, where my Phil 1112 class is located.

7. The very first thing math professor John Hubbard writes on the blackboard after introductions is “Multiple Integrals.” Math 2240 will be fun!

8. Last picture, demonstrating how fun math can be!

Alright, I still think linguistics is more fun.

Desk After Birthday [Photos]

I got a camera! Thank you parents!

This means you’ll be seeing more photos on this blog. Warning: As a liberal-arts person though, I might sometimes go for “artistic” photos than ones actually containing content. So yeah…

Anyways, here’s the first photo, err, actually the second, as the first was the photo of the box above. But I guess it’s the first real photo:

Desk After Birthday

Note the random things people gave me. There are FOUR Barnes & Noble gift cards, two Target gift cards, a mathematical watch, a Samuel Beckett novel collection, a large light-up bouncy ball, a Silly Straw, Paper Chess, a La Madeleine gift card, numerous notes and letters, cash, and other things. But missing from this picture are four presents: this camera, a WoW game time card, a plate of cookies, and something that should not be mentioned.