Some blogging series I’ve done.


Movie Reviews (2010 to present)

A periodically updated list of movies and my ratings.

Epic Quotes (2010 to present)

A list of favorite quotes.

Book Reviews (2009 to present)

A collection of some book reviews I have written.


Paradox (May 24, 2010 – July 12, 2010)

Or am I lying?

Weekly webcomic featuring logical paradoxes, puns, and ducks.

Ironically (Dec 5, 2009 – Jan 16, 2010)

On the First Day

Webcomic of random assortments.

2 thoughts on “Series

  1. When you click on the “epic quotes” link on this page, you get an error message that the page is not found. It can, however, be reached from navigation under “series.” As a computer science enthusiast you should know better than to allow run time errors on your own site!


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