Scarlet A

Here is a compilation of some things I’ve written on atheism.


  • “An Atheist’s Views on Religion” (2013)—[link]


  • “Are Science and Religion Compatible?” (2014)—[link]
  • “11 Ways Christians Are Like Atheists” (2014)—[link], “Explained: 11 Ways Christians Are Like Atheists” (2014)—[link]
  • “Religious Logic: Fundamentalists vs Moderates/Liberals” (2013)—[link]
  • “The Legacy of 2012: The Fall of Superstition” (2012)—[link]
  • “The Rise of Non-Religion as a Political Movement” (2012)—[link]

Social Issues

  • “How Do Honor Killings Still Happen in 2014?” (2014)—[link]
  • “On God and Victim Blaming” (2013)—[link]; “Response to a Response” (2013)—[link]
  • “Why Do I Care?” (2013)—[link]
  • “A ‘Hated Minority’?” (2013)—[link]
  • “Why Atheists Might Seem Nonvocal About Social Issues (Even Though They Strongly Support Your Views)” (2013)—[link]


  • “Science Cannot Disprove Leprechauns” (2014)—[link]
  • “Dismissing Things Without Evidence” (2014)—[link]
  • “Atheist or Agnostic: A Confusion of Terms” (2014)—[link]
  • “Game of Definitions” (2013)—[link]
  • “No Deal” (2013)—[link]
  • “Just As Bad” (2013)—[link]
  • “2012 Embassy Attacks and the Tolerance Paradox” (2012)—[link]
  • “People Who Agree With You for the Wrong Reasons” (2012)—[link]


  • “When Does Not Deciding Count as a Decision?” (2013)—[link]
  • “Ethical Dilemmas and Human Morality, part 2” (2013)—[link]
  • “An Atheist’s View on Morality” (2012)—[link]
  • “Ethical Dilemmas and Human Morality” (2012)—[link]
  • “Is the Afterlife the Only Motivation?” (2012)—[link]

Book Reviews

(In this section, the dates refer to when the book was written, not the review.)

Richard Dawkins

  • The God Delusion (2006)—[link]
  • The Blind Watchmaker (1986)—[link]
  • The Selfish Gene (1976)—[link]

Daniel Dennett

  • Breaking the Spell (2006)—[link]

Sam Harris

  • Free Will (2012)—[link]
  • The Moral Landscape (2011)—[link]
  • The End of Faith (2005)—[link]

Christopher Hitchens

  • Mortality (2011)—[link]
  • God Is Not Great (2007)—[link]

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