The Media

So all I’ve been hearing from the media in the last few days is the Zimmerman trial. Perhaps there might be some situation in which I would have actually followed it. But frankly, there was no reason for me to even care the slightest about the event.

Here are some recent events I actually care about:

  • The turmoil in Egypt.
  • The fate of Edward Snowden.
  • The highest ever close of the S&P 500 index (2 days in a row).

The first two could alter international relations and the third is a positive indicator for the economy. I fail to see how the Zimmerman case comes close to any of these, let alone deserves to be news. I could have seen the verdict being important to report, but not the whole trial leading up to it. It is just one case that determines one person’s guilt. Sure, it will provoke thought and debate indirectly on some larger issues, but if those bigger issues really are so important, why aren’t we already debating them?

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