My Spring 2013 Semester (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here.

I’m finally done with the semester. As I wrote in part 1, this has been my busiest semester at college. Most of the time was spent on one class: CS 3410, or Computer System Organization and Programming. I’ve probably spent twice as much on this class than all of my other classes combined.

On the other hand, I did learn a lot from this course. While I do not regret taking it, this kind of workload does call into question the decision to go for the CS degree. As I wrote before, going for the CS degree will negatively affect my ability to take more advanced math courses. Even this semester, I felt I had almost no time to study math on my own. In my math classes I was pretty much doing the bare minimum so that I would have time to work on CS. Next semester I will most likely be going pure math.


Anyways, for the summer I have an internship in New York City, with one week in London.

3 thoughts on “My Spring 2013 Semester (Part 2)

  1. Google search somehow led me to this blog while I was searching ‘CS3410 difficulty’, ended up reading a lot of the posts as a result, interesting blog! I also feel CS 3410 will drain my time this semester.


      1. You’re right it didn’t seem particularly difficult but it moved at a fast pace and wasn’t where my interests lie so I ended up dropping it. My taking it in part was motivated by a desire to double major to make myself more employable, but I also came to the conclusion that doing one thing well is better than juggling many things. Now that I ended the burden of double majoring it seems I can really focus in taking upper level courses in my major.


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