Blogging Year 3

Today is the 3rd birthday of my blog! It was a fairly light year, with only 42 posts published, but it received 52k views, thereby averaging 1238 views per new post (many of these views were on older posts, so it is not an accurate representation of views for a given post). In comparison, Year 1 averaged 1042 views per post and Year 2 averaged 1053 [data].

The most visited posts in the third year were:

  1. The Persistence of Memory – 18,465 views
  2. (Home page) – 4,030 views
  3. 10 Mind Blowing Mathematical Equations – 2,506 views
  4. Tumblr vs WordPress: Simplicity vs Power – 2,360 views
  5. The End of an Experiment – 2,206 views
  6. US Census 2010 Win – 1,699 views

The vast majority of the hits for #1 and #5 resulted from Google image searches, whereas the majority for #3 and #4 came from normal Google searches. Interesting.

Haven’t tracked followers in previous years, but as it stands, 62 of you are following this blog. Nice!

One final note: unlike in the past two years, I am not participating in Nanowrimo this year due to some very busy math classes, though I would gladly cheer on anyone who is. Good luck getting to 50,000. May the Force be with you.

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