New Math Blog

I started up a math blog yesterday called Epic Math:

The reason for doing this is that some of the higher-level topics in math that I want to write about are just too advanced for a general audience. In this earlier post, I debated what direction this blog was headed. And I felt it was important to always keep the audience in mind.

My decision is largely due to how theoretical some of my classes are becoming. It would simply make no sense for me to write posts about theorems in topology or abstract algebra or even combinatorics, alongside posts about politics or religion or philosophy. It would be a rather awkward combination.

Thus, I am splitting off mathematical topics into the new blog. The old math posts already on this blog shall remain. Anyways, the new blog will contain more topics, most likely based on what classes I am taking.

Happy Halloween! (Seems like I haven’t posted on a major holiday in a while.)

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