The Future of this Blog

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I’ve recently been thinking about where this site is headed. So far it’s about all different kinds of topics in a variety of subjects: math, art, philosophy, science, literature, news, college life, and many others. This variety, however, is both a blessing and a curse. It allows me to talk about whatever I want and have it be relevant for the sake of the blog. But at the same time, when someone asks me what the blog is about, it is difficult for me to give a clean answer.

My posts have all been written with the general audience in mind. There are a few posts that include higher level math, but they are written in a manner such that even a liberal arts major should be able to understand them, at least I hope. 😀

Despite a fairly decent daily viewcount, many of the visits are from Google Image Search (about 100+ per day from this post alone) and not actual reads of articles. Thus, I’m considering two options:

  1. Specialize the blog: Restrict the number of future topics so it isn’t as random. I would mostly talk about math and philosophy in this case, and have more posts on these than I currently do.
  2. Generalize even more: Have even more topics. This would be good for having a broader audience, but the downside is that each particular topic will have less attention.

Either way, I want to share more cool things in higher level math. WordPress has a built-in LaTeX feature, allowing users to type in cool-looking math stuff using a legit typeset:

e^{i\pi} + 1 = 0,


\displaystyle \sum_{n} \frac{1}{n^s} = \prod_{p} {\frac{1}{1 - \frac{1}{p^s}}}.

The first one is called Euler’s identity and the second is called Euler’s product formula. They are the first two formulas to appear in the post 10 Mind Blowing Mathematical Equations. These list posts seem fairly popular.

Perhaps instead of those two options, I’ll take Option 3, which is to stay the course on the number of topics, but include a lot more advanced stuff that is interesting.

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