An International Readership

As an avid blogger, I often wondered where my readers come from. Well, a relatively new feature (as of February of this year) allows WordPress users to see exactly that!

The first page of countries for my blog is below, with data showing number of views since Feb 25, 2012:

As expected, the United States is in first by far, with a few more English-speaking countries as runner ups.

For the non-primarily English-speaking countries, the high positions of Korea, Brazil, and Germany are quite interesting. My blogging often includes intellectual topics, and these countries have some highly developed education systems.

The most populous nation in the world, China, is near the bottom with only 3 visits to the site, most likely due to their strict Internet censorship rules, which go against the philosophy of free thinking and free speech that I often advocate on this blog. On the other hand, Switzerland, with a relatively tiny population, has made 68 visits.

Thanks to all my readers, wherever you are!

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