Year 3

My third year of Cornell starts in a just few days! A glimpse at some of the classes I’ll be taking:

  • German 2000 – Intercultural Context: Continuation of my German learning experience. Guten Tag!
  • Math 4330 – Honors Linear Algebra: According to my peers, this is supposed to be a difficult class. I think I’m prepared.
  • Math 4530 – Intro to Topology: This will be interesting. I have always wanted to learn topology. It just seems like one of the strangest things math has created.
  • Math 4810 – Mathematical Logic: Given all the logic posts I’ve written, I think it will be worthwhile to take a class in formal logic. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, here I come!
  • ???: I haven’t decided on a fifth class yet. I was originally planning to take Math 6170 – Dynamical Systems, but it turns out to be the same time as Intro to Topology, and I don’t happen to have one of those magical time turners. With Cornell’s add/drop system, I can wait a while to finalize this. If any Cornellian happens to be reading this and wishes to suggest a good class in any subject, please let me know!

Well, my next post will probably come from Ithaca. Stay tuned!

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