Movies of 2011

Season of the Witch (Jan 2011)

Rating: 2/10

A really unexciting and uninteresting horror movie.

The Green Hornet (Jan 2011)

Rating: 7/10

Hilarious hero comedy, with several innovations and twists. Also contains one of the most ridiculous half-car scenes I’ve ever watched.

Just Go With It (Feb 2011)

Rating: 7/10

Clever and funny. It has a semi-predictable ending, but the ride is enjoyable.

The Adjustment Bureau (Mar 2011)

Rating: 5/10

Brilliant idea, bland execution. There was so much potential in the “adjustment” idea, but unfortunately, it was not fleshed out adequately.

Battle: Los Angeles (Mar 2011)

Rating: 3/10

A mindless war action film.

Limitless (Mar 2011)

Rating: 7/10

Similar to The Adjustment Bureau, this film presents an amazing idea, but then seems to back away from it. Again, the potential was great. The end result was still okay.

The Lincoln Lawyer (Mar 2011)

Rating: 5/10

Not terrible, but I’d rather just watch an episode of Law and Order to save time.

Sucker Punch (Mar 2011)

Rating: 7/10

By far the weirdest movie in this list. It seems to be one thing at first, but when you think about it, it turns into something else. This is great on action and philosophy; however, it is kinda gimmicky on plot.

Insidious (Apr 2011)

Rating: 8/10

A genuinely scary horror movie that had a very smart development. The ending is somewhat slapstick though.

Source Code (Apr 2011)

Rating: 7/10

A film that at least required some degree of thought. It has some interesting moral consequences.

Bridesmaids (May 2011)

Bridesmaids: 7/10

Not my type of movie, but still interesting.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (May 2011)

Rating: 7/10

Funny and action-packed, but lacking in creativity compared to the other Pirates films.

The Hangover: Part II (May 2011)

Rating: 7/10

Just as funny as the first one.

X-Men: First Class (June 2011)

Rating: 10/10

A very well-done movie. Nothing tops the scene where a submarine is lifted out of the ocean.

Bad Teacher (June 2011)

Rating: 7/10

A very funny movie.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Aug 2011)

Rating: 8/10

Science and morality are questioned in every step of this chimp’s adventure.

Contagion (Sept 2011)

Rating: 8/10

One of the better outbreak-style films.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (Dec 2011)

Rating: 9/10

An epic action thriller.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Dec 2011)

Rating: 7/10

Still not sure what to think.

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