Cornell Fall 2011

Cornell Tower

It’s been a nice semester so far. The weather is so much better than in Austin, where temperatures are still surpassing 100°, and it feels great not being a freshman—I actually know where things are!  Classes I’m taking:

  • Math 4130 (Honors Introduction to Analysis I): Mostly review so far. It’s only been a week, I’m pretty sure it will get harder as the semester goes on. But I definitely think Math 2230/2240 are great preparation.
  • Phys 1116 (Mechanics and Special Relativity): Also mostly review.
  • Gerst 1210 (Exploring German Contexts I): Intense immersion learning. I feel like I’ve learned more German in the past week than I learned in my first month of Spanish in middle school. This makes perfect sense, since college is quite a step up from middle school.
  • Econ 3010 (Microeconomics): We’re covering some of the underlying theory of economics, which is intrinsically heavy on math. Particularly, a lot of what I learned in Math 2230 last year is coming into use. Having independently studied some game theory over the summer, I found this introduction very interesting; things are clicking already.
  • CS 2110 (Data Structures and Object-Oriented Programming): Almost all review. In yesterday’s section we covered linked lists, which seemed to baffle at least half the group. The 25-hour assignment due next week does not look fun though.

Of course, I am also in the band, which has started up. Once again I am impressed by the speed at which it learns the show. Everyone seems ready for performance after a mere one rehearsal.

My residence for this year is 14 South Avenue, which is on the southwest corner of campus. This is a total change from last year, when I was on the northeast side of campus. The change of perspective is certainly nice.

Here is my schedule from Schedulizer:

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