On Snow, As Viewed by a Texan

If there is one thing that differentiates Texas and New York, it is the word snow.

(I realize the timing of this post is ironic as some areas in Texas are getting snow or plunging into cold weather as I speak. But oh well, I hope you readers have learned to deal with irony by now.*)

*Actually, it’s not so ironic because Ithaca is getting a ton more snow tomorrow.

If you aren’t convinced, here is a picture I took at Port Aransas, TX (what the hell was I doing there?) dated Jan 2011:

Compare this to a picture of just outside the Mews residence hall at Cornell, also dated Jan 2011:

As you can  see, there appears to be some degree (no pun intended) of difference in temperature.

So there we go. Snow is cold, sort of annoying, but not too bad. Well, except that I get to climb up Libe Slope, a hill of gigantic proportions, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That is not mildly annoying, but extremely annoying. Also, I very much despise the crunching sound when walking on snow—it ruins my sense of inner ninja.

One more thing: In a lot of my posts I talk about earlier posts, but rarely do I ever talk about future ones. Here are some blogging topics I have planned for the month, not a comprehensive list, but just an outline:

  • Pavlovian conditioning on success, grades, and the circumvention thereof: Inspired by a chat I had with Yingnan about the “Chinese Parents” post.
  • Blogging:I figured that as a somewhat experienced blogger, I could talk about blogging itself, such as how to start a blog and what to write about.
  • Clarity in writing: I know an amazing (counter-)example of this.
  • A short story/article about qualifiers: Meant as a satire on qualifiers.
  • Infinity vs exhaustion: Inspired by both my philosophy and math classes.
  • Questioning things: And how/why people question different things.

And of course, there will be topics that I come up with on a whim.

Update: Even Cornell is canceling morning classes tomorrow.

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