Off to Ithaca (2nd Time!)

Even though the first semester at Cornell seemed to last a long time, winter break in Austin—5 full weeks—passed by QUITE rapidly! Assuming schedules are met, in 12 hours I shall be on a plane just departing Austin, and 12 hours (+2 connections) after that, I’ll be in Ithaca, NY, where it will be, according to The Weather Channel, 3° F. Pretty warm, I’d say! The ravenously intense Winter: Texas Edition will be missed.

Well, since I have a bunch of things to say, and I don’t have the focus right now to put them into paragraphs, here’s a list!

  • My new camera will (hopefully) be put to good use.
  • I am tentatively taking 22 credit hours of academic courses this semester. I figured if I could survive last semester (16 academic credit hours + marching band) while playing 7.65 hours a WoW or writing 1667 words of a novel per day, I can go for a bit more intenseness. Just for fun, of course.
    • Here is my schedule, if for some deranged reason you really want to know.
  • Seeing all of you, err, I mean y’all in Austin has been fantastic! I can’t believe I’m saying goodbye again!
  • Remember in one post I said something about a certain birthday present that “should not be mentioned”? It’ll be revealed soon, appearing in my dorm room. I’ll post a picture of it here. 😉
  • I am actually pretty excited for this semester, more so than I was for last semester!
  • According to The Weather Channel (again), Ithaca, NY will experience this Sunday, the 23rd, a 5° F high and a -12° F low. Seriously? MINUS 12? God, have you no respect for Texans?
  • I just re-watched one of my favorite movies, Star Wars (the original), and I’d like to end with this very short but incredibly perfect scene, the Binary Sunset:

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