A Serious Post, As Written by a Completely Serious Person

(Today’s topic of sarcasm may or may not have been chosen by Jeff H at Cornell. Okay fine, it was.)

First of all, I present a totally random quote on seriousness, as written by another completely serious person:

Life is too important to be taken seriously.

—Oscar Wilde

Therefore, you should NOT be as serious as Mr. Wilde, who, of course, meant the quote quite seriously. So don’t take his advice. And take life seriously, for it is actually not important enough to be treated in any other way than with absolute seriousness.

Obviously, we cannot expect to understand seriousness seriously with only one source. Here is another eminent source on seriousness, this time even more serious:

A joke is a very serious thing.

—Winston Churchill

But now we are led to wonder whether this is a joke. But if it is a joke, then it can’t be very serious, which would make the statement false. For the statement to be true, it must be a serious thing, so it is no joke that a joke is a very serious thing.

Final quote:

Why so serious?

—The Joker

The name matches the person, which means the Joker is only joking that he is the Joker, so he is in fact quite serious. But then his question of “Why so serious?” is ambiguous. Is he referring to a specific life or the human condition in general? In the latter case, it would include himself, which would be quite ironic. But irony is serious, which matches the current case.

What are your thoughts on seriousness? (Please be as serious as Oscar Wilde in your responses.)


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