It’s a Wonderful Life

Today’s topic of finding happiness was chosen by Melissa W at University of Michigan.

I have actually not been feeling well the last few days; I’ve gone from a total night owl to… well, I slept at 8 pm yesterday and woke up at 1 am, blogging right now on the early morning of the 25th.

At first I planned to talk about happiness in general, but something very interesting caught my eye. Looking at my Facebook news feed, I saw not one, but three completely different peoples’ statuses in the last three hours about the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, which they had all seen for the first time this Christmas.

That is a truly great movie. It’s one of the two movies that have brought me to tears, the other being Schindler’s List. But for opposite reasons: one movie I cried out of joy; the other, it was truly depressing. If you know that Schindler’s List has to do with the Holocaust, you should know which is which.

It’s a Wonderful Life

So what is It’s a Wonderful Life about? It’s the story of a hard-working but extremely generous man called George Bailey and his struggle against miserly banker Mr. Potter (might sound like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, but it’s far different). On Christmas Eve, a series of ill-fated events drive Bailey to an unpayable $8000 debt, and he goes to a bridge, about to take his life. His guardian angel, Clarence, comes down to save him.

Potter told Bailey that, because of Bailey’s life insurance, he is worth more dead than alive. Bailey tells Clarence his life is worthless, so Clarence does the unimaginable: he magically changes history to exist as if Bailey was never born. Bailey wanders through the town, initially in disbelief. Finally realizing the impact of his life by seeing what would have happened in his absence, Bailey begs the angel to let him return. Following is one of the most emotionally touching scenes in movie history.

A week ago I made a made a post called 7 (+1) Awesome Movie Scenes with the Most Fitting Music. Here’s one more to the list:

“Auld Lane Syne” – Ending Scene of It’s a Wonderful Life

If you haven’t seen this movie already, you must! As George Bailey said, Merry Christmas!

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