Back in Austin

It seems like forever ago that I posted my Off to Ithaca/Farewell to Austin. So much has happened in one semester of college that my high school existence feels like a lifetime past. Why has time been so far stretched?

My first thought was about a famous Albert Einstein quote:

Put your hand on a hot stove for a minute, and it seems like an hour. Sit with a pretty girl for an hour, and it seems like a minute. THAT’S relativity.

Yet I have certainly done more of the latter than the former in college. So maybe relativity is not the right approach.

More applicable was a look at the general pace of life. Cornell, at least, operated on a much faster schedule than Westwood HS. I think my first experience with this was during Orientation week at band camp, when we covered marching fundamentals in about 15 minutes. At Westwood, it took 3 days.

The same goes for other things band-related. While we performed one show each year at Westwood, we learned and performed 4 different shows in one year at Cornell. With less rehearsal. (But without memorizing music or drill.)

The academics were far more fast-paced too. In math we just went through topic after topic, with extensive amounts of homework. English and history totaled nine 1500-2000 word essays, along with countless other smaller assignments. In one semester. At Westwood (in the IB program), the only long papers were the ISP papers (x2), History IA, English IA’s (x2), TOK Essay, and, of course, the Extended Essay. Plus, the college classes weren’t just more work than high school classes—they were genuinely harder.

Perhaps it seems I did more at college in this span of time because, I actually did do more.

But there’s one more thing that made the semester seem so long. My sleep schedule got epically thrown off. For instance, a few days ago I slept at 9 am and woke up at 5 pm. My night-owl nature really showed at college. For the entirety of high school I always got sleep, every night. In the first semester alone of college, I pulled 6 all-nighters.

Anyways, I am now home and will try to recover on sleep. I’ve actually been up for 41 hours now, with perhaps 2 hours of intermittent naps.

Here’s a short chronicle of my life for the last 41 hours:

  • Friday, Dec. 17
    • 10 am: Wake up
    • 2 pm: Math 2230 final. AHHHH!
    • 4:30 pm: Freedom!
  • Saturday, Dec. 18
    • 1 am: Leave Ithaca via bus
    • 5:30 am: Arrive in NYC
    • 7:30 am: Pass through security check at JFK airport
    • 3:45 pm: Plane departs
    • 6:40 pm (Austin time): ARRIVE IN AUSTIN!
  • Sunday, Dec. 19
    • 1:45 am: Publish this post
    • ~2 am: Sleep.

Yeah, that might only look like 40 hours, but remember that Ithaca is one time zone ahead of Austin.

Anyways, I’m really tired and need to get this post done. I am too tired right now to think of a conclusion. So bye!

3 thoughts on “Back in Austin

  1. I know completely how you feel about the difference in time between high school and university. I know for me, at least, part of it is due to the time I have outside of class to do things. More often than not, high school resulted in me just not being able to do anything else with my day, very much unlike a full university day. Anyways, have an awesome break! :]


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