The Postmodern

Today’s topic of postmodernity was chosen by Yingnan X, who attends the University of Pennsylvania.

Postmodernity is an extremely complex topic to discuss in full. Cornell’s Intro to Sociology course, which I took this semester, describes it as being composed essentially of three characteristics: rise of information society, de-rationalization, and fragmentation of society. By rise of information society, we mean one in which social space and physical space are being pushed apart. We engage in electronic instead of face-to-face interaction. Traditional spaces are increasingly emptied. Virtual ones are used instead. Like this one:

De-rationalization is the move away from a number of trends including efficiency, centralization, routinization, and predictability. Ultimately, it is towards authenticity and unpredictability.

Finally, there is the fragmentation of identity, which has to do with what sociologists call the social identity. This includes your characteristics, background, roles, as well as interests and affiliations. Under postmodernity, the social identity of each individual is becoming more anti-stereotypical, unpredictable, sometimes with identity experimentation.

Okay, so what is an example of postmodernity? Pretty much this entire movie, which I know Yingnan has watched.

Yeah, go postmodernism!

(Is this sarcasm?)

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