On Cookies

Today’s second topic, cookies, was chosen by Arlena W, who attends Westwood High School.

I am actually typing this post in the Appel Dining Hall (the same place in which I wrote 2200 words of a novel in 2 hours). Finished with dinner, I have two cookies, one chocolate chip and one peanut butter, on my plate, and I am telling myself to not eat them until this post is done. Let’s see how this goes.

The peanut butter cookie is already tempting me. I actually like chocolate chip better, but I want to save that one for last. They’re difficult to resist. They don’t cost any extra because of the meal plan system. And Cornell’s cookies—and food in general—are extremely good.

Okay, well, actually the dining hall is closing soon (I normally go at the beginning or at the end of operational hours, and today, it was the end). So I’m just going to type away. Alright, cookies!

I searched through this blog and found that I had mentioned cookies exactly three times before.

The first was over a year ago, in which I discussed the philosophy of the Matrix and cited part of the movie script that happened to mention cookies. This mention is actually complex because it refers to both physical cookies as food and digital tracking cookies.

Second and third mentions were in this and this, in which I said I MIGHT give you a cookie if you are able to complete the scavenger hunt or answer a profound philosophical question, respectively. Using the Matrix cookie as an example, I realized that, unless you have cookies disabled on your browser, I have already given you a cookie. Alright, at this point I am eating the peanut butter cookie.

…and I was two bites into the chocolate chip cookie before I realized I was on that one as well. Woops. Oh well, I decided to finish that one anyways.

So, if you haven’t gotten a cookie already, just go to your browser options, enable cookies, and you’re set!

(This was supposed to be a “serious” post; however, a time crunch got the better of it.)

Conclusion: Cookies are a temptation. As Oscar Wilde once said, “I can resist everything except temptation.”

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