On Marching Band

Trumpets pre-date history by three seconds.

—An Indisputable Source

Today’s topic was chosen by Alex S, who attends Texas State University.

By the way, all of the topic posts so far have been chosen by friends I know from Westwood High School. This one is no exception. Alex and I were both trumpet players in our high school marching band. And interestingly, of the 9 people whose topics have appeared up to this point, including this one, two were in band and four in orchestra. This means you’re largely getting topics picked out by a musical group. 🙂

Also, one of the links in the blogroll on the right-hand bar is to James F, a current drum major of my high school band and in the class of 2011. Here is the most recent video I could find of the Westwood Warrior Band’s 2010 show, entitled The Force of Destiny:

Y’all sound great!

Also, my last final (Math 2230) is on December 17, and I’ll be back in Austin by the evening of the 18th, EXACTLY one week to the nearest hour after this post. But I am actually a bit worried for this exam. High school math versus college math is like trying to tame a hamster versus trying to tame a velociraptor. For the latter, you really have to know what you’re doing. Anyways…

After high school I thought I would be done with band. But when I got to Cornell, I was persuaded to join much by an EXTENSIVE SIDEWALK CHALKING project that the band had done around campus. I mentioned it the last time I talked about band (outside of talking about road trips); it was in a blog post during orientation week. Plus, I thought it’d be a cool experience.

It certainly was. It’s WAY more lax. And we get free road trips. It’s also the only real marching band in the ivy league, as the other schools are all scatter bands, meaning they are utterly incapable of moving and playing their instruments at the same time. 😀

Here is the Cornell Big Red Marching Band performing the pre-game piece of the fourth and final 2010 show (the theme here should be easy to tell):

For something funny and actually ABOUT band, I will refer you to an article on Uncyclopedia. For the sake of maintaining a sense of decency, I will not actually quote it on this blog.

Some final tidbits:

  • For those scavenger hunters: There are TWO ironic things about this post.
  • This is a shoutout to all current members and alumni of the Westwood and Cornell bands!

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