The Art of the Haiku

This is a haiku,
Its syllable pattern is:
Five, seven, and five.

Haikus are bizarre,
They don’t rhyme nor have rhythm,
But they are still cool.

They should note nature,
But my approach is modern,
Even postmodern.

The inner fire of life,
Flame in a cold world.

But that did include
Nature. Which would seem almost


Well then, from here on,
I share various haiku,
For your enjoyment.

(By the way, “haiku”
Is the plural of “haiku,”
Lol, the more you know!)

This topic, haiku,
Was chosen by Jimmy Wu,
Texas A&M.

Oceans in nature,
Quite incredibly boring;
Watching them, I yawned.

“A meta haiku
written about a haiku
is still a haiku.”

That was written by,
The same “certain person” who
Featured in this post.

Alright, speaking in
Haiku is becoming strange,
It feels quite awkward.


“Haikus are easy,
But sometimes they don’t make sense,

That, the most famous
Haiku on the Internet,

Now this is a trend,
Five-syllable word at end,

That word is random,
Has nothing to do with text,

Alright, this pattern,
This ridiculous pattern,
Must end soon, soon, now.

12 thoughts on “The Art of the Haiku

    1. The correct plural is technically “haiku,” but in common speech we almost always use “haikus” as it sounds right. Yeah, I didn’t notice the contradiction until you pointed it out. 🙂


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