December 1, 2010: The Day of the the Blizzard

As a Texan, I have the right to call this a BLIZZARD, even if it isn’t one.

Anyway, here are a few snow pictures that I snapped using my laptop’s integrated webcam. Had to hold my laptop at some weird angles. I don’t currently own a real camera. *Hint hint at extremely generous people on the Internet*

View from dorm room:

The main building is the west hall of Mews. I’m in the east hall. The buildings further in the background are Kay and Bauer, and even further behind them is Balch. They’re all residence halls.

Note: If you just happened to come across this blog and don’t know anything about me: these are all dorms at Cornell University.

View from our hall’s lounge:

The building on the left is the Appel Commons, where I normally go to eat (and has really good food), and the building on the right is the Helen Newman Hall, which is basically a gym.

One last picture, again from my dorm room:

Finally, what will be my December project?

In October, I played World of Warcraft for 20 days, leveling from 1 to 70. In November, I wrote a 50,000 first draft novel, a satire of the Internet; I finished it in 24 days. This month, I don’t feel like continuing with the editing phase of my novel yet. So I am actually continuing WoW again.

Ironically, I’m starting on the day it started snowing. (If I took pictures yesterday you’d see a nice day with green grass everywhere.) The expansion that gets you past level 70 is Wrath of the Lich King, which happens to be set in a northern, icy land. You can see the frozen sword on the box art.

Also, the company that made World of Warcraft is called Blizzard Entertainment.

*Thanks to my roommate Jason for coming up with the title of this post!

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