Happy Thanksgiving from NYC!

Hope all of you are having a TERRIFIC Thanksgiving! I am in NYC with high school friends at New York University. And this is my first ever blog post coming from New York City!

We were supposed to wake up early today (i.e. 6 am) to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade live. But we actually woke up at 1 pm. Guess that didn’t happen.

What does this reflect? Two things. First, our alarm clocks are inadequate. And second, NYU and Cornell don’t give students enough sleep. 😛

Some miscellaneous things that I don’t feel like forming into paragraphs:

  • Today was my first Thanksgiving spent outside of Austin in over 10 years!
  • I was with way more Asians at the Thanksgiving party today than I’m used to. You see, at Cornell, because of my college (Arts and Sciences, as opposed to Engineering) and extracurriculars (mostly Big Red Marching Band) and also the people in my hall, my friendship network is composed in the vast majority of white people. Being with so many Asian people today sort of reminded me of… high school?
  • The geographical diversity at the party was interesting; I met kids from MIT, UPenn, and UCLA, and a couple of other Cornellians, in addition to a large number of NYU students. They came from all over the place. (Including multiple countries.)
  • Black Friday? I just bought WoW: Wrath of the Lich King for $10. (In addition, WoW original and WoW: Burning Crusade are $5 each.) This purchase would make more sense in context of my WoW experiment that happened last month. No further shopping plans.
  • On my blogging style: My blog posts used to be detached, with a lot of third-person topic-based ones. In more recent posts I feel like I’m talking about events in my own life in 90% of them. I’ll try to be more balanced with future posting. (Though I do think college life is way more interesting than high school life.)
  • Regarding the first draft of the novel I wrote for NaNoWriMo: Sorry, this won’t be publicly available. But wait—this is only because it’s a first draft and some plot points are incoherent currently. I’m going to do some editing and then share it with people I know. (I.e., Facebook friends plus a regular commenter on this blog. :D)
  • Linda, who I’m staying with at NYU, and Kayla, her roommate, are awesome!
  • A shoutout to Westwood-ers and Cornellians in New York!

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