Writer’s Block

Actually, it’s more like “I just spent the last 3 days on math.”

Complicated Math 2
This had nothing to do with it.

We had an epic take-home prelim due yesterday. And by epic, I mean intense. It had 13 questions; I outright skipped 2 of them, as well as half of another one. There was one single problem that took me 2.5 hours.

So in the last 48 hours I’ve only written 136 words of my novel. The current word count is at 48,166, out of 50,000 for Nanowrimo. I’m mostly done; I just have the plot resolution left.

Yesterday was the first day this entire month that I did not fill the 1667 word daily quota. Today will likely be the second. Granted, I’m still 6 days ahead of schedule. But I’d rather finish it sooner than later.

Writer's BlockOn the bright side, I’ll be in NYC for Thanksgiving for a mini high school reunion. My high school’s in Texas, so it’ll be some of us northeasterners, especially NYU people. And I’ll be there for a longer amount of time than I’d previously expected. That means if I don’t finish the 50,000 between now and tomorrow noon, I’ll be reaching the finish line on the bus or in NYC itself.

In the last case, I should go find the Algonquin Hotel and type up the 50,000th word there. 😀

One thought on “Writer’s Block

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