WARNING: Do Not Yawn

The eerie part: my roommate is in this video. As is another person in my hall. The scene occurred in their business computing class HA 1174 (in the School of Hotel Administration) one month ago, but it went viral within the last week, suddenly reaching epic proportions today.

The class is normally filmed so that students can later review the lectures online on Blackboard, an academic portal site. Somebody who is enrolled in that class (read: with access to the video) had the knowledge apparently of how to rip the video off of Blackboard and upload it to Youtube. Yeah, it is not impossible to do, but it requires at least some level of computer-savviness. Which means that person definitely needed a refresher on the definition of a kilobyte.

For the record, I am in the College of Arts and Sciences as opposed to the School of Hotel Administration, and I do not know Professor Talbert at all.

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