If Something Can Go Wrong, It Will

Moreover, it will go wrong at precisely the worst possible moment.

So it’s 8:25 am and I’m printing out a 2-page paper for an 8:40 class that is located 3 minutes away. It’s a seminar, so attendance is taken. But the printer in my room isn’t working. I try various methods of fixing it, such as replacing the paper tray, restarting the printer, and restarting my computer, but nothing works. The printer DOESN’T WORK.

It’s about 8:35, and I figure I can stand being a couple of minutes late because I’ve been like 10 minutes early every time before this so it’s just a minor lateness. I put the file onto my USB flash drive and go to the nearest computer lab in the Appel Center—and what do you know, the printer there is out of operation for the day. Great.

Now it’s 8:40. I go over to the Tatkon Center, where my class is at, and I know there is a way of printing there. It is 8:43. I ask the front desk people how one prints something, and they allow me to use a laptop that is attached to their printer. I turn on the laptop.

3 minutes later, it is STILL booting up. Finally the desktop appears and I frantically hit the windows button, which takes 1 more minute more to open. I navigate to the file on my flash drive, and double-click it. It takes 2 minutes for Microsoft Word to load. Finally I hit the print button. After a relatively short delay (of 15 seconds or so), the thing finally prints.

So I walk into the classroom at 8:50. Then I remembered that any work over 1 page should be stapled. So I reach into my backpack for my pocket stapler and—omg, where is it? Yes, for some reason I always carry a pocket stapler around. Except for the one time I need it.

Everything worked out fine in the end, but it was one of the most frustrating 25 minutes in my life.

Oh, and then, I go pick up the new battery I ordered for my laptop. Despite having the exact same shape and electronic specs and battery type label, it isn’t recognized by my computer. It matches to the point that it can provide power, but it can’t charge, so I basically have a one-time-use battery starting at 56% charge. It happens to be Made in China; the original battery on my computer was Made in Japan. This means I’ll have to make a return sometime…

Let’s hope the rest of the day goes better.

“If something can go wrong, it will.”

—Murphy’s Law

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