What Happens in New York…

After living in rural Ithaca (population: 30,000) for nearly four months, I found New York City to be QUITE a different experience. We went there this weekend, and between playing away during the game vs Columbia, marching in the Sy Katz parade, eating in the Cornell Club, and wandering around Grand Central and Times Square (and, of course, writing my novel), it was an amazing trip by all standards.

Anyways, novel-writing progress so far:

Day Words Written Accumulated Word Count
Nov. 1 4510 4510
2 1975 6485
3 3538 10023
4 1701 11724
5 1688 13412
6 2694 16106
7 1703 17809
8 1682 19491
9 1869 21360
10 2052 23412
11 2220 25632
12 2075 27707
13* 1721 29428
14 1720 31148

*Spent in/near NYC.

Just added the first badge on my blog:

I have so far managed to follow the 1667 words quota per day needed to reach 50,000 words in 30 days. I’m uncertain how much longer this will last because I feel very burnt out now. On Day 11 I wrote a 1766 word English paper and on Day 12 an 1862 word history paper in addition to the novel quota. On Day 13, the day of the trip, I had to write in strange places (at a hotel, at the Cornell Club, on the bus), but filled the quota. Yesterday, Day 14, I felt very unmotivated, just passing the 1667 word quota at 11:50 pm.Ā I almost feel like taking a break for today.

But a writer must keep writing!

5 thoughts on “What Happens in New York…

    1. Relative to where I’m from it’s QUITE rural. But your objection is right, so perhaps “not quite rural, but nonetheless in the middle of nowhere” is a more accurate way to put it. šŸ™‚


  1. Congratulations on keeping up! 30k is quite impressive either way.

    Out of curiousity, is this novel going to be made available to the rest of the world (read as: people who read this blog) to enjoy?


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