Unproductivity, and a New Theme!

The site now has a new theme, aptly named 2010! The picture I’m using in the header is cropped from a piece called Maelstrom by Greg Martin. And the background is light green—I don’t really know why. It seems that a lot of sites these days are in blue: Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter; and red is a bit harsh on the eyes. So green it is!

Also, I’ve been really unproductive the last week. I’m normally reading or writing something, but this past week, I just sat around and did nothing, essentially. I think I’m breaking out of it as I speak—err, as I type—and my previous post on Plot Similarities in Blizzard Games might be, for me, the saving key.

TV Tropes

(xkcd on TV Tropes. If you want to be unproductive, just click that second link!)

And about that novel, I’m still working on it. I managed to write about 15000 words in the first week, but I’ve accomplished virtually nothing in the previous week. If I keep this pattern up, November writing month is going to be very difficult. Anyways, my original intentions on the novel have changed a little. Instead of exploring the effects of advanced technology as my primary motif, I’m exploring a hypothetical abandonment of science and technology, and an extremist environmentalist movement. I’ll leave it as vague as that for now.

Anyways, it looks like my one-week-of-doing-nothing break is over. Oh, and Cornell’s orientation starts on August 20th, in less then two weeks. Saying goodbye to Austin will be a really difficult thing. And yet, I am reminded of the ending of Toy Story 3, in which part of the journey to the new is saying goodbye to the old. Ever since we moved to Austin in 2000, I have not ever left it for more than a month. It has been an exciting ten years in a fast, unprecedented decade. I know the 2010s will be exciting even more.

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