In the Middle of Writing a Novel…

I’ll be back!

Actually, writing a novel is a weird experience. Just writing fiction is a huge difference—I’d say 90% of the writing I’ve done before, mostly for school, was nonfiction. Fiction feels strange. It’s almost a different subject.

The novel is called Mirror, and should be under science fiction and disaster, though in this case, science is stopping the disaster and not being the disaster (or maybe it is, *wink*). And the main disaster, having some relevance to the modern world, is global warming. Also: from the title and the label of science fiction, you might be able to guess a major technology in the story.

The tentative opening:

A dark and sweltering city, where light shined from only one cluster of buildings: the chief luminosity came from a circular structure of steel and glass, rising twenty-two stories into the sky. On the roof was a grid of solar panels that, in the daytime, rotated to the Sun. Inside the structure, a maze of plants freshened and purified the air. The building, like most around it, was completely sustainable, running on its own power grid, producing not a breath of carbon dioxide. It was, in every sense of the word, environmental.

Yeah, it’s also a dystopian story, the dystopia caused by environmental disaster. Hmm.

So, I probably won’t be blogging regularly. Probably won’t finish the novel either, but it’s been a good experience so far. 🙂

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