Trip! (And the Use of Facebook in China)

I did NOT draw this by the way—it is from Clip Art!

I am travelling travelling tomorrow and shall be in China from June 25 to July 30.

This is exciting, and I’ll be sure to keep up this blog while there—WordPress is not banned in China. On the other hand, Facebook is, and while it is certainly possible to bypass the Great Firewall of China, I shall be content with blogging and gmail chat—after all, I wonder what it will be like to not use Facebook for over a month!

Then again, I have a feeling I WILL try to access Facebook there, even if only for the sake of being rebellious.

Anyways, the trip! We’re flying from Austin to Chicago (weird eh) to Beijing. While this is geometrically strange, it is not as strange as our original plan, which cost the least, of flying Austin to New York to Beijing. That’s right, back all the way across the United States.

In China we shall be mainly visiting family. Well, I’ll blog more about it when I have more to say. In the meanwhile, I have two posts scheduled for tomorrow and the day after, respectively, on the movies Splice and Toy Story 3, for which I have given some more thought than most of my movie reviews. They are both excellent movies. I am still going to see if I can have a blog post each day for this month, but should I fail, then let it be so, for I should be on vacation anyway! So with Friday and Saturday covered, and with my webcomic already up for Monday, I’ll see if I can make a post from China on Sunday about the trip up to that point.

Speaking of which, since China is many hours ahead, I can probably get away with it even if I post early enough on Monday morning, since in my blog time it will still be Sunday.


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