Walkway of Infinity

It was an infinite walkway
Of glass and nothing more,
And with a soundless silence,
That empty, crystal floor.

For in both sides it did extend
An infinite direction,
And high above in space it floated,
That walkway of detention.

I was a traveler walking through,
And did I see the stars,
That twinkled across the unseen walls,
In the vacuum that glass bars.

I was alone or so I thought,
Wandering that astral plane,
And then I saw you walking by,
A hopeless vision insane.

But then our paths took us quite near;
I saw you in detail.
I reached my hand to test my thought
And found that you were real.

We first stared at the blinking stars,
Then focused on each other,
We continued in unbroken silence
In some form or another.

It is intriguing, that idea,
The realness of infinity.
For both in space and time it gives
A feeling of affinity.

Time slips in infinity,
The walkway never ending.
But time does not get stuck and stop,
It always keeps on flowing.

We stayed together for some time,
But then we had to part.
You’ll stay in my true memory,
Forever in my heart.

O, that walkway of infinity,
That everlasting feeling.
I could not stay forever there,
For time has done its calling.

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