A Warm Welcome

Two days before my birthday, I received a most delightful gift: Sean, whom I met when he taught chess at AGWCS, and who runs this blog, offered me authorship at this blog; I gratefully accepted.

Although I only met Sean for once a week for about one and a half  years (not including summers and other miscellaneous holidays), I held an admiration for him that went beyond teacher and student; I aspired to be like him, who had none of the faults that I had. I learned more that chess from him (Though sadly I haven’t touched any chess pieces since then… oh well).

Sean extended this offer to me earlier in the evening when I replied to his about page and described how I wanted to start blogging but found the effort required to be more than I expected. In his offer, he told me that I could use this as an opportunity to take up blogging. I was nearly moved to tears (metaphorical, of course) as soon as I read this.

I have always been interested in writing in general, and the art of writing, which, sometimes, can be very different. Like blogging, I have never found any motivation to sit down and write unless it was for some sort of assignment. Like anybody who has any experience in writing in the English language, I wrote well enough for whatever assignment was at hand, but I personally thought I could do better. There were times when I stopped writing for a moment —from a cramp, or from a mental traffic jam, whatever the case— and considered starting over, or perhaps quitting, from continuing the terrible mess of an essay.

Sean has given me more than a chance to start blogging. He has given me critics who no doubt have read many of his well-written essays. He has given me editors, and publishers, and an audience who I know who will accept me and my faults ( or not). I don’t have enough words to use to express my thanks (the current count is 345).

I look forward to posting regularly at this blog.

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