Site Update

Today I discovered that all the HTML links in my Essays page were invalid. Rather, they linked to the right pages, but WordPress wasn’t displaying those pages.

Basically, I put up a long time ago some of my essays in both HTML and PDF format. It turns out that when you create a WordPress “page,” it actually adds it to the tabbed pane on the top (right now there’s Home, About, Essays). I didn’t want that, so I thought I found a loophole by setting up the post to be scheduled at a later date (i.e. 2100), so that I could still see the page, but it wouldn’t show up on the pane at the top.

This worked, but as I found out today: only for myself. That is, WordPress allowed me, the admin, to see the posts, but a normal user cannot. So if you were to have clicked on one of my HTML links from Essays, you would have gotten a blank page. I didn’t know about this because it was giving me the full page.

So, my solution for now has been to remove all the HTML links, so that only PDF versions show. This is probably how it’s going to stay, unless I find a way to correctly add the HTML versions.

EDIT: 8/9/10

This is now irrelevant due to the custom menu feature of the 2010 theme!

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