AP/IB Exams

My exam schedule for the next few weeks:

Mon., May 3
Tue., May 4 IB English HL, Paper 1 AP Statistics
Wed., May 5 IB Math HL, Paper 1
Thu., May 6 IB Math HL, Paper 2
Fri., May 7
Mon., May 10 IB English HL, Paper 2 IB Physics HL, Papers 1 & 2
Tue., May 11 IB Physics HL, Paper 3 IB History HL, Papers 1 & 2
Wed., May 12 IB History HL, Paper 3 IB Chemistry SL, Papers 1 & 2
Thu., May 13 IB Chemistry SL, Paper 3
Fri., May 14
Mon., May 17
Tue., May 18
Wed., May 19 AP English Language*
Thu., May 20 IB Math HL, Paper 3
Fri., May 21 AP Physics C: Mechanics*
AP Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism*

*Alternate AP exam date due to schedule conflict with IB exam.
**I have no idea when I’m taking AP Chemistry, as both its normal and alternate dates are blocked by IB exams.
***I will not be at school on May 7, due to a state UIL competition. I’ll instead be at UT for the day, and because I’m on the math team, I will be taking a math test. (Of course I’ll be back at school for the band banquet.)

The one I’m worried about most is History HL, and least, Math HL.

Also, it looks like May 10–13 will be a busy one.

Edit: The second alternate of AP Chemistry is scheduled for me at May 27, 2010, AM.

9 thoughts on “AP/IB Exams

  1. hey look! we have HL chem and history death. ouch, and you’re taking HL physics too.. good luck! (How was english?)


  2. Hey, stumbled onto your word press whilst google-ing for some past year IB History papers. I am actually really nerved for my history paper, even though it is at SL. Gosh, just one more week before the ultimate liberation form the evil clutches of the IB examinations. I can’t wait. Seriously.


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