Viva la Repartee

Well, I actually finished this book last month, but here goes my review anyways.

Viva la Repartee

Actually, scratch that. I’ll just copy-paste my Amazon review of the book:

This is a brilliant collection of history’s greatest replies. Grothe, in his chapter arrangement, divides the vast body of repartee into distinctive categories, of which each is highly intelligent and entertaining. For each witty quotation, Grothe includes not only the author but also a paragraph on the context that made the reply so great; it is amazing that so many perfect phrases were said at the time they were said. And some men and women were exceedingly clever–these masters of wit appear in the book many times.

I’m an Oscar Wilde fan, so I’ll give one of his examples. In Chapter 1, “Classic Retorts, Ripostes, & Rejoinders,” Grothe tells a story in which Oscar, after one of his plays, received much applause and flowers, as well as a rotten cabbage. Oscar then picked up the trash and replied:

“Thank you, my dear fellow. Every time I smell it, I shall be reminded of you.”

I enthusiastically recommend this book for lovers of words and wit.

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