Everything is Illuminated

A premium 2005 movie (or not, as the case may be).

Everything is Illuminated

Rating: 4/10

Did I watch it? Yes. But did I like it? For that, I must tell you it is impossible. There must be something wrong with me. Perhaps I did not in general feel proximal with the movie. But then again, the movie doesn’t exist for me—I exist for the movie. I watched it because it exists. For the most part the movie went along the side of me. Maybe what’s inside the movie must go out—inside-out.

I think at this point I am distressed and must go manufacture Z’s. I thus begin repose.

One thought on “Everything is Illuminated

  1. I agree with the repose part. However, only he said it to be impossible for I find things outside in rather than inside out. Why doth that phrase develop? proximal phrasing then. everything is illuminated.


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