Movies of 2009, Cont’d

This post is an addendum to my earlier Movies of 2009, which reviews 13 movies. This list is again in chronological order by release date. (The reason these are not in the earlier list is because I watched all the following yesterday.)

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (June 2009)

Rating: 4/10

This movie was definitely not for me. The plot seems highly superficial, and the transforming scenes, while made to appear epic, take too long and are boring. The main battle scene drags out too much, and at times defies basic common sense.

Pandorum (September 2009)

Rating: 5/10

A fairly good sci-fi horror movie. However, it gives too much of the feel of Alien, and in trying to develop the characters, is too repetitive. It has both science and fiction, but does not seem to fit well into the realm of science fiction. The plot, however, is excellent and the horror suspense is present.

Zombieland (October 2009)

Rating: 8/10

Outstanding for a horror-comedy, but it could perhaps use more comedic gimmicks; it feels too much like your standard zombie movie.

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