This site has been in existence now for about two months, and I still have not yet made a blog post explaining the url, i.e. what “nargaque” is.

What does “nargaque” mean? It doesn’t mean anything. It’s a nonsense word, conjured from the formless void known as the imagination.

It’s basically my universal web username. “Sean” is a fairly common, as is “Li”, so it is not surprising that on most websites, the name “seanli” is already taken. Even with my middle initial, no available names exist. And, I irrationally detest the idea of adding random numbers to a username just to be able to register an account, so I came up with “nargaque”.

2 thoughts on “Nargaque

  1. Haha, I totally forgot about that! When I originally made it up, in 6th grade or so, it was 3-syllables, nar-ga-QUE, in a somewhat Spanish style. But I find it much quicker to say NAR-gaq, like Compaq. So yes, it’s officially the two-syllable version.


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