The Norway Spiral Mystery

The Internet, along with other sources of news, reveal a spiral phenomenon that appeared over the skies of Norway earlier today. Simply type “Norway spiral” in Google. You’ll get sites referring to this oddity:

The Norway spiral phenomenon on December 9, 2009. Image courtesy of The Sun


Most likely, it was a rocket test. According to several Internet sources, rocket simulations have shown similar spiral patterns when the force exerted by the rocket is not directed straight behind it. Then who launched it? The Russian government denies such action.

Other theories are given. A number of UFO enthusiasts claim this phenomenon was caused by aliens. Maybe, a wormhole spontaneously opened up in the sky, possibly (and ridiculously) caused by the Large Hadron Collider. Still, others hypothesize that it was an interference pattern in the sky caused by high-intensity lasers.

Could there possibly be any connection between this phenomenon and President Obama’s Nobel Prize reception and speech, tomorrow, at Norway?

This mysterious event has been referred to as the “Norway spiral” and also “Star Gate.” The Wikipedia article covering it right now labels it the “Norwegian spiral anomaly of 2009.”

3 thoughts on “The Norway Spiral Mystery

  1. Lol, the force behind this rocket is clearly directed straight behind it! Have you ever seen a rocket malfunction like this? Has anyone? I don’t know what it was, but a rocket seems too simple to be the whole truth… I think I’d go w/ my gut on this one.


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