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The Daily Stumble #1: Slow Time

I’m starting a series where I take the 5th Stumble of the day and write a blog post about it. Why the 5th one? I don’t know, why not? Today’s 5th stumble is: 20 Things that Are Way Better in … Continue reading

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Light in Slow Motion, and Curiosity’s Descent Video

That is light, recorded at a frame rate so high that a bullet would take a year to cross the screen. It is one of the most amazing videos I have watched this year, perhaps second only to the Curiosity … Continue reading

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Is Time an Illusion?

[The physics and philosophy article "Is Time an Illusion?" by Craig Callender appears in the June 2010 edition of Scientific American (pp. 58-65). Online article here.]     Does Time exist, or is Time an illusion? Craig Callender assures us … Continue reading

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Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle

Tribute to Heisenberg.

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What’s that?, you say. Why, it’s a theory of physics known as quantum electrodynamics, or in short, QED. It’s also a book I have read recently. And by recently, I mean today. The book is by Richard Feynman, of course. Its … Continue reading

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The Physics Teacher

The quote, “Resistance is futile,” was actually said during an experimental problem on a network of resistors shaped in a cube.

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Life in the Multiverse

“Looking for Life in the Multiverse” is the cover and feature article for the January 2010 Scientific American Magazine [pages 42-49 in print edition]. (The print version of the article contains a number of diagrams, illustrations, and sidebars not present … Continue reading

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