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Mathematician’s Answer

The Mathematician’s Answer is a meta-joke about how mathematicians usually behave in jokes. From tvtropes: If you ask someone a question, and he gives you an entirely accurate answer that is of no practical use whatsoever, he has just given … Continue reading

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On the Naming of Terms in Several Disciplines

Recently I watched an entertaining talk by Neil deGrasse Tyson in which he poked fun at the complexity of biological and chemical terms, in contrast to the elegant simplicity of astrophysics terms… Continue reading

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Orwell, Chomsky, and the Power of Twisting Language

Choosing the right word is very important, but I’ve recently found it to be far more important than I previously thought. Influences: George Orwell, Noam Chomsky. An Experiment Consider the 1974¬†Loftus and Palmer experiment¬†[1][2][3]. Participants were shown identical short videos … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Obvious?

Mathematicians often say things like “It is obvious that…” or “It can be easily shown that…” when the desired result is relatively easy. But to a normal person, what they are saying is not obvious at all. Continue reading

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List of Banned Words Constitutes a “Fail”

Apparently, the Lake Superior State University takes pride in its 2011 List of Banished Words, which “refudiates” the top 2010 Shakespearean gems like “viral,” “epic,” and “fail.” Here at Cornell, and doubtless many other places, we share a different opinion … Continue reading

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