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College and Smartphones

Last December I obtained a Samsung Galaxy S3, my first ever smartphone. Yes, I’m only about 6 years late to the smartphone party. Before this, I had been using a Motorola Razr flip phone for years and didn’t really think … Continue reading

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Light in Slow Motion, and Curiosity’s Descent Video

That is light, recorded at a frame rate so high that a bullet would take a year to cross the screen. It is one of the most amazing videos I have watched this year, perhaps second only to the Curiosity … Continue reading

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Is the Virtual World Really An Escape from Reality?

Or are they on a collision course? The Role-Creating World One of the most popular and successful genres of gaming is the role-playing game (RPG). In an RPG, the player is a character in a usually fantasy world, and is … Continue reading

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Curiouser and Curiouser

The wait is almost over. Check out NASA’s official page on the Curiosity rover. The rover is currently closing in on Mars, with a few hours before landing. The image below links to NASA’s “Where is Curiosity” page with real-time … Continue reading

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The Map of Facebook Connections

[giant map] This map was created recently by Paul Butler, an intern at Facebook [via]. Roughly, the lines on the map represent Facebook connections between different cities. I think we would best learn from this map if we compare it to … Continue reading

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No Surprise that Zuckerberg is TIME’s Person of the Year 2010

Just take a look at the numbers: 2004 – 1 million 2005 – 5.5 million 2006 – 12 million 2007 – 50 million 2008 – 150 million 2009 – 350 million 2010 – 550 million, nearly 600 million These are … Continue reading

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Embedded Powerpoints!

Props to Microsoft for this feature. I’m thinking of ideas for a PowerPoint post already. :) Edit: Nice! If you modify the PowerPoint, it will automatically update on the blog and you will not need to repost it! Edit 2: … Continue reading

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