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Noam Chomsky on Postmodernism

Since I’ve been thinking about postmodernism recently, I thought to share this fascinating interview from the youtubes. The most unfamiliar point that Chomsky brings up is the story about Bruno Latour and the ancient Egyptian tuberculosis death (read more about it here). Basically, Latour … Continue reading

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The Fountainhead

Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision. Continue reading

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Culture, Biases, and Empathy

A few disclaimers before I start: This is a complicated issue. While I may simplify definitions or arguments for the sake of making a point, I realize the truth is more complex than that. I’m not completely sure about the … Continue reading

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Are Science and Religion Compatible?

With the current reboot of Cosmos, the age-old question of whether science and religion are compatible has presented itself in mainstream once again. If we were to answer this very methodically, we would start questioning the semantics of “science,” “religion,” … Continue reading

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The Construction of Social Progress: Can Civilization Move Forward?

In the past year, I have used the term “social progress” in 6 different blog posts. It referred to various topics, including LGBT rights, women’s rights, and views on race, not to mention advances in medicine and technology. Implicit were … Continue reading

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Slavery, Sochi, and Steroids: When Does Competition Go Too Far?

In the Olympics (and sporting in general), it is generally considered wrong for an athlete to take performance-enhancing drugs. Let us take one step back and ask, Why? Is there any a priori reason that substances like steroids should be … Continue reading

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Internet Trolling

Whenever you hear something dumb—and I mean really, unbelievably, absurdly dumb—there is always something that top that: the YouTube comment section. xkcd seemed to think there is nothing “quite as bad”: But a couple of months ago, when our Internet overlords … Continue reading

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