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Statistics in the Social Sciences

I’ve always wondered whether the rigorous application of statistics is underutilized in the social sciences. This is less so a problem in economics, where the subject is, by nature, highly quantitative. But in fields like psychology, sociology, and political science, where … Continue reading

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Big Picture vs Detail Oriented Thinking

Big picture vs detail oriented thinking is usually portrayed as a dichotomy. It is one or the other, and even when the need for both is acknowledged, the two are still considered separate forces. Here is a section of an … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Decision Making

This post is about my own decision-making habits. In particular, I don’t plan ahead details ahead of time, as I abhor fixed schedules or fixed paths. Perhaps an interesting case is from a 2011 post: For example, last semester, to … Continue reading

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Thinking, Fast and Slow; and Other Summer Readings

This summer’s reading list was a bit unusual, and the following books all have something in common: Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman The Stuff of Thought, by Steven Pinker When Genius Failed, by Roger Lowenstein Moonwalking with Einstein, … Continue reading

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This is a review of Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking (2012). Being an introvert in almost every way, I wasn’t expecting to learn too much about my own behavior from the … Continue reading

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I stumbled upon the Myers-Briggs type indicator a long time ago, obtaining the result INTP. At the time I thought it was just another personality test on the Internet, but last week I heard one of my apartment-mates using his INTJ … Continue reading

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Is the Virtual World Really An Escape from Reality?

Or are they on a collision course? The Role-Creating World One of the most popular and successful genres of gaming is the role-playing game (RPG). In an RPG, the player is a character in a usually fantasy world, and is … Continue reading

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