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Culture, Biases, and Empathy

A few disclaimers before I start: This is a complicated issue. While I may simplify definitions or arguments for the sake of making a point, I realize the truth is more complex than that. I’m not completely sure about the … Continue reading

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What Is the Best Superpower?

We often have discussions in our apartment on the most arbitrary topics. One time, we debated the question: What is the best superpower? Despite the catchy title, this post is not really about the best superpower. Sure, it talks about … Continue reading

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Slavery, Sochi, and Steroids: When Does Competition Go Too Far?

In the Olympics (and sporting in general), it is generally considered wrong for an athlete to take performance-enhancing drugs. Let us take one step back and ask, Why? Is there any a priori reason that substances like steroids should be … Continue reading

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2013 in Review

This is a societal and personal reflection on 2013. I’ll start with the societal, and I’ll keep the personal pretty short. 2013 in Review 2013 was a year in which not much unusual happened, and that was perhaps the most … Continue reading

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When Principles Collide

One of the things about growing up with a sheltered life is that you rarely ever have to stand up for your principles. This could be due to several reasons: maybe they’re not really your principles, but your parents’; maybe … Continue reading

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An Atheist’s View on Religion

In the past year I’ve written a bunch of posts on particular aspects of atheism and religion, but so far there are none that have laid out my views at a glance. So this is an open, informal post designed … Continue reading

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Thinking of a Topic to Write About

From 4 to 9 pm today, I’ve been intermittently trying to come up with a blog post topic. Yes, writing is painful, but thinking of a topic can be even more painful, since you are haunted by the fact that … Continue reading

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