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What Is the Best Superpower?

We often have discussions in our apartment on the most arbitrary topics. One time, we debated the question: What is the best superpower? Despite the catchy title, this post is not really about the best superpower. Sure, it talks about … Continue reading

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Spontaneous Decision Making

This post is about my own decision-making habits. In particular, I don’t plan ahead details ahead of time, as I abhor fixed schedules or fixed paths. Perhaps an interesting case is from a 2011 post: For example, last semester, to … Continue reading

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Pride in Things Out of Your Control

The topic for today is: Can you be proud of something that is out of your control? I started thinking about this last week, when someone claimed to be proud of belonging to a particular house at Harvard University. This … Continue reading

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Talent Is Overrated

“Talent” is a word that is tossed around all too often, whether for top musicians or businessmen, or even just a person who creates popular Youtube videos. The idea of talent is in nearly every case taken for granted. As … Continue reading

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Are We in a Simulation? A Scientific Test

According to a recent article, scientists are planning a test to determine whether our universe is a computer simulation. This is pretty relevant to my blog as I have discussed this idea a number of times before [1] [2] [3] … Continue reading

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Determinism from the Perspective of the Simulation Argument

With true randomness, we cannot say that the universe is deterministic, but with the basis that everything is governed by natural laws, it equally makes no sense to assert the existence of free will. Continue reading

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An Atheist’s View on Morality

This is in response to my previous article, “Ethical Dilemmas and Human Morality.” In that article I listed several questions in several situations and asked you, the reader, what you would do in each case. At the end, I promised … Continue reading

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