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When Principles Collide

One of the things about growing up with a sheltered life is that you rarely ever have to stand up for your principles. This could be due to several reasons: maybe they’re not really your principles, but your parents’; maybe … Continue reading

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Standing Up in a Crowded Theater, Studying for Tests, and Other Game-Theoretic Dilemmas

Everyone is sitting down in a crowded theater, comfortably seated and with a good view. All is well until one person decides his view is not good enough, so he stands up to get a clearer view. This ruins other … Continue reading

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On Senior Year

I’m a couple of months into my final year of school. This post is a reflection on my senior year so far and the Cornell experience in general. Differences Senior year has been quite different from any other year. This … Continue reading

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My Spring 2013 Semester (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here. I’m finally done with the semester. As I wrote in part 1, this has been my busiest semester at college. Most of the time was spent on one class: CS 3410, or¬†Computer System Organization … Continue reading

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My Spring 2013 Semester

I am sorry for not having posted in a month. My schedule has been busy,¬†mainly from some heavy projects in computer science courses. For instance, one of our projects was to implement the above with fully functional logic circuits. If … Continue reading

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Why Are College Students Not Choosing Math/Science?

From the Wall Street Journal in 2011: Although the number of college graduates increased about 29% between 2001 and 2009, the number graduating with engineering degrees only increased 19%, according to the most recent statistics from the U.S. Dept. of … Continue reading

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Stress and GPA-centrism in College

Every time papers, projects, and prelims come around, the campus stress level rises dramatically. Sleep is lost (or outright skipped), meals are avoided, and all activities other than studying are brushed off. This happens not once a semester but throughout, … Continue reading

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