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1.8 Million?!

I have not checked in a while, but apparently that “Planning vs. the Internet” diagram now has 1.8 million views. That’s more five times the total number of views this blog has. Damn. Way to go, StumbleUpon community! Of course, … Continue reading

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So What is Real?

Now obviously one blog post will be insufficient for answering this question. But that’s fine. Perhaps “what is real?” is an unreal and irrelevant question. Or perhaps it is the most meaningful question ever to have been asked. How could … Continue reading

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The Number 23

It turned out to be one of those movies that seems kind of interesting when you’re watching it, but then, when you’ve finished it, you can’t help but to notice how much time you just wasted. The problem is that … Continue reading

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And thus follows my official list of percents: Chance that you will read through this entire post: 22% Chance a fair coin will land on a particular side (but for the sake of political correctness, I cannot specify which one): 50% … Continue reading

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